The New Sail Wandering Toes Website!

Your Wandering Toes were wiggling weren't they! Well, you're seeing the first inklings of the new Sail Wandering Toes website. There will be lots of changes coming in the next couple of years. The site will be under construction for a while as I tweak code, add new things, links and fun stuff.

I read a great quote lately. It said, "I'm not trying to be perfect, I'm trying to be Awesome!". I thought that sums up how I am trying to live my life. So for the next while, if you find the website messy, somewhat broken, links or widgets not working, it's because I'm not perfect, I'm trying to be Awesome!

So add this link as a bookmark to your web browser and check back whenever you get the itch to see some fun sailing stuff and find out what we're up to. I will get a subscription button on here sooner or later so you can get email updates when we have them. In the mean time, sit back, peruse our new website and let us know what you think!

I'm making changes here people, keep up! Looking forward, I hope that this page can be a resource for everyone looking to "Keep Up With The Backs!"

Just kidding around. But I am having fun learning how to do all this, and that means the new website may look different at any time.

Think of this page as a main landing spot to see what we're up to, where we are and find links to all of our other information.

The best way to stay on top of what we're up to is to subscribe to our Blog and YouTube Channel. Wherever you see a subscription link, just enter your name and email. Then whenever we post a story on the Blog or upload a new YouTube Video you will get an email letting you know. It is also a wonderful way for us to know you're there seeing what we're doing and that it matters to you.

Wandering Toes is all about realizing that we are on a special journey, and we're very happy you're taking it with us!

Right now you can use the menu links above to get to our Blog and our YouTube Channel.

In the future you will see links to our Passage Logs providing specific information about where we sail, a link to Track Wandering Toes wherever she sails, and maybe even a Shop link where you can find T-Shirts and other Wandering Toes related goodies.

Some of the general information on our Blog will most likely come here so that the Blog can be it's own thing. If you've been reading up to this point, you are well aware that I like to write. If I gloss over something and don't provide my full report and perspective you know something's wrong. Marge says I write too much, but when I get the chance to, I will usually try to write comprehensively about what's on my mind. I guess if you read my blog posts, you will get the whole story and a glimpse inside the mind of David and begin to see the workings of what makes all this happen!


Read our original Sail Wandering Toes Blog here!

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Passage Logs

Hi All! Sorry to disappoint, but it’s winter here! When we get the boat in the water and actually go somewhere you can read all about it here!