Monthly Archive: September 2015

Mast Down

Our weekend was spent in a whirlwind of boat projects, and the marina was a busy place. We are planning on adding radar to our mast next spring, so we needed to get the mast down now and store it on the ground over winter or else we wouldn’t be able to get to that project until the sailing season next year.  I want to have the all finished by the time we go in the water next year though.  So the mast had to come down now.  We started our day on Saturday by removing the boom from our…
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Last Sail – 2015

We had our last sail of the year this past weekend, but what a sail it was!  We had my friend and co-worker Andrew come sailing with us and had an excellent time.  We left the marina Saturday morning at 10am and were able to sail almost 5 straight hours to Julian Bay at Stockton for the night.  The winds were almost perfect at 15 knots southwest.  It was Andrew’s first time sailing and it’s always good when you can show someone how it is when the winds are nice.  Not too much, not too little.  I’m pretty sure he…
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A nice fall weekend – 2015

We raced to the boat on Friday night after work, loaded all our gear and food aboard and were off to Sand Island by 5:45pm. The winds were northwest at about 10 knots and we found ourselves with bigger than expected swells coming from the west.  The swells were bouncing the boat around and it just required us to pay attention and keep the boat under control. It takes us two hours to reach East bay of Sand Island from Cornucopia and the sun would be setting at 7:25.  We knew we would be anchoring just after sunset and that…
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Labor Day – 2015

I’m writing my first real blog post today.  So if you’re seeing this, you are right at the very beginning.  It’s Labor Day today, 2015, and I’ve spent most of the weekend setting up our first real website  It’s not much to look at yet, but as in everything I do, I have big dreams.

Hello world!

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