Monthly Archive: January 2016

2016 – Boat Projects List

We’re went to the marina on Sunday, January 24th to do our first boat project of 2016, and I thought I’d try to look into our crystal ball and see what we hope to accomplish with the boat this year. We are on quite a roll and hope to keep moving forward with all of our projects. When we left the boat in the fall, we removed the salon overhead hatch and brought it home with us leaving just a piece of plywood in its place. A few weeks ago I cut a 4 inch hole in it and mounted…
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2016 – New Year looking forward

I’m going to try to keep this blog post short and sweet.  The reason I haven’t written is that I’ve been busy.  That sounds like an excuse to even me, so here’s a short list of what we’ve been up to since mid-December. I made an engine stand for the new dinghy motor and we ran it for a while one freezing day with Marine fuel stabilizer, then proceeded to change the lower unit gear oil before hanging it up for the season. I spent an entire day working on getting our Sail Wandering Toes YouTube Channel tweaked and looking…
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