On Making and Breaking Lists

I’ve never had the egotistical need to portray myself as more than what I am. I am really good at finding order within chaos and separating nonsense from logic. I have made my career the place in my life where I let my obsessive need to put things into place run its silly course. Like putting together a million piece puzzle out of a pile of blank pieces. And because of this I’ve made my fair share of to-do lists. I’ve always been good at logistics. Maybe that’s why I have the career I have. When people ask, I say…
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Time in a Bottle

Gregroy Hugh Effinger, 12/6/1951 – 8/14/2016 Sometimes you just don’t know where to begin. A week or so ago, on Sunday August 14th, we lost our brother Greg. He passed away in his home sometime on Sunday or late Saturday. His brother Tim had been looking for him to play golf on Sunday and was unable to reach him. Tim was able to get the police into his apartment late on Sunday night getting us the bad news. We raced to town and have been quite at a loss since. At a loss for words, thoughts, emotions, directions, and feelings….
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