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It started years ago for me.  I found myself looking at the stereo equipment in my living room.  This monstrosity of a metal box with lights and buttons and dials and jacks, and the wires coming out of the back of it reminded you of some alien mothership with it’s tentacles and connections to other massive equipment and speakers.  There was a VCR and DVD player, a game console and a 400 disc CD player.  A 400 disc CD player that was half the size of a small refrigerator practically!  And the speakers were four feet tall.  My TV was…
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Gypsy Spirit

It’s the first weekend of Fall and Wandering Toes is beginning to accept that our time playing in the water is almost over for this year.  We have had a fun summer as best as we could given everything that has happened outside of our boating life. We took trips to the Apostle Islands with friends, over to Houghton, Michigan for a week, we sailed to Duluth with my dad aboard to see the Duluth Tall Ships Festival in August, and we tore our boat engine apart and almost completely rebuilt it in order to replace a leaking timing cover…
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One Year Of Sail Wandering Toes

Wow!  Marge and I are sitting in a coffee shop in Bayfield, Wisconsin, sipping on our Mocha’s and just being a part of the world.  We spent last night tied up to the City Dock here in Bayfield after a sleepless night in a rolling anchorage the night before.  It’s a beautiful Friday morning on the eve of the Labor Day weekend and the touristy town on the shore of Lake Superior in the heart of the Apostle Islands National Lake-shore is buzzing.  We’ve been out sailing for the last week in our home grounds of the Apostle Islands and…
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